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Biennial Convention
John R. Commons Award
ODE  Display Booth at ASSA

ODE Distinguished Advisor Award
Invited Student Session at ASSA 
Faculty Reception at ASSA
Academic Year 2012-2013 Fee
Central Office Location
Graduation Cords, Stoles and Medallions
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Biennial Convention

The Biennial Convention was held during the ASSA meetings in Philadelphia. Chapters were invited to attend and vote on the slate of officers as well as the revisions to the ODE Constitution. The officers were unanimously elected as presented and the revisions were passed. The next Biennial Convention will be held in January 2016 in Boston, and elections for the ODE Executive Board for 2016-2018 will take place at that meeting.

John R. Commons Award

The 2014 Commons Award was presented to DANIEL HAMERMESH of The University of Texas at Austin at the 2014 Commons Lecture during the ASSA meetings in Philadelphia.

ODE  Display Booth at ASSA

ODE will again be represented at the annual meeting of ASSA in Boston, January 2015.   Please come visit our booth.

ODE  Distinguished Advisor Award

ODE President Kathryn Nantz presented Dr. Rod Raehsler of Clarion University wit the 2014 Distinguished Advisor Award for his outstanding work with ODE and the Clarion chapter.

ODE Faculty Advisor Reception

An ODE Faculty Advisor Reception was held during the ASSA meetings in Philadelphia, allowing chapter advisors to meet the Board and other advisors and exchanges ideas. We invite all chapter advisors to join us in Boston in January 2015.


Invited Student Session at ASSA 

          The next ODE Invited Graduate Student Session will be in Boston in January 2015.

Academic Year 2013-2014  Fees

The membership fee for the 2013-2014 academic year was increased to $35.  All other prices are as follows.  All gold clad (Kase) jewelry items cost $20.00; 10K gold jewelry items are currently listed at $260, but are subject to change quarterly. The cost of plaques is now $35.00. For both the jewelry and plaques, the price shown includes shipping. Students can order any of these items online using PayPal.

Central Office Location

    When mailing materials to the central office in Fairhope, AL, the address is:

        PO Box 2096,
        Fairhope, AL 36533

    For UPS and FedEx, the physical address is 19 S. Summit St., No. 9, Fairhope, AL 36532.

    If you would like address labels with the address, please let us know and we will mail them to you.

Graduation Cords, Stoles and Medallions

    The Central Office has graduation cords (royal and gold) available.  The cost is $10.00 for a set sent to one location.  For multiple cords sent to the same location the prices are:

         2-20    $9.00 each
         > 20    $8.00 each

    Recently, we began offering gold stoles with royal blue screen printing.  On one end of the stole is the ODE key with the word HONORS on the other end.  The cost of the stoles is $15 for one.  For multiple stoles sent to the same address the prices are:

         2-10    $14.00
         > 10    $13.00

    The Medallions are bronze with a basel around the outside and the ODE key in the middle.  They are on blue ribbon.  The cost of these is currently $36.00.

    If you would like to order any of these items for your ODE members for graduation, please let us know.   

Membership forms

    New membership forms are available for download with the correct prices for dues and for the jewelry and plaques.  Please destroy all obsolete forms. Use of these forms may result in underpayment, which can delay processing.  We no longer provide 2-part forms. All forms should be downloaded from the website. Send us one copy and keep a copy for your files. 

FALL DEADLINES: The deadline for a spring 2015 chapter projects grant is October 31. 2014.

NEW GRANT OPPORTUNITY: The ACHS (Association of College Honor Societies) has announced a new grant program. ODE chapter advisors are eligible to apply for a grant under the Adviser Grant Program. The goal of this grant program is to encourage the development of Honors Councils of university registered honor society chapters at educational institutions for the purpose of developing university-wide collaboration on co-curriculum high impact practices, functional organizational activities (organizational business and meetings), and support for honor society advisers and officers. Four $1000 grants are available for pilot projects to achieve these objectives. For more information, go to achsnatl.org/social-responsibility/grant-program.asp.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is proud to be a member of ACHS