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Supplies for Faculty Advisors

Membership forms, A/1 forms, and white information cards can be ordered from the Central Office.

New membership forms, A/1 forms and white information cards are returned with each school membership certificates.

The white information cards are to be distributed to all new members.

Contact Central Office

FALL DEADLINES: The deadline for a spring 2015 chapter projects grant is October 31. 2014.

NEW GRANT OPPORTUNITY: The ACHS (Association of College Honor Societies) has announced a new grant program. ODE chapter advisors are eligible to apply for a grant under the Adviser Grant Program. The goal of this grant program is to encourage the development of Honors Councils of university registered honor society chapters at educational institutions for the purpose of developing university-wide collaboration on co-curriculum high impact practices, functional organizational activities (organizational business and meetings), and support for honor society advisers and officers. Four $1000 grants are available for pilot projects to achieve these objectives. For more information, go to achsnatl.org/social-responsibility/grant-program.asp.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is proud to be a member of ACHS